vegetariskt och vegan



Våra vegetariska rätter kommer från våra vänner på tandemfood, som vi även delar lokaler med


Tandemfood Vegetarian and Vegan Catering in Stockholm

Vegetarian menus – please feel free to make any suggestions or requests

Tandemfood provides a good choice of vegetarian and vegan options. We can also cater for dietary requiremnts such as coeiliacs, lactose free etc.


Vegetarian Canapés and finger food

Goats cheese with cucumber and melon

Selection of crostini with seasonal toppings – minted pea puree, mashed celeriac with yoghurt, broad bean mash

Fresh egg noodles topped with red pepper coulis

Slow baked field or chestnut garlic mushrooms

Polenta triangles topped with ratatouille

Fresh dates stuffed with blue cheese

Mini potato and beetroot rosti

Cucumber wheel or celery boat with cream cheese and chives

Vodka infused baby tomatoes

Sushi selection

Parmesan baskets filled with sprouting salad

Pomegranate guacamole served on tortilla chips

Mini nut loaf served with a tomato sauce

Sweetcorn pancakes with chilli sauce

Stuffed vine leaves

Courgette slice topped with halloumi

Savoury filo pastry rolls or nests – mixed vegetable curry, leek and mushroom, sweet parsnip puree

Slow cooked potato and onion tortilla

Light and fluffy choux pastry puffs – curried seasonal vegetables, gruyere cheese

Goats cheese with melon and cucumber

Chicory boats with hummus

Devilled eggs with paprika

Asparagus tips in vinaigrette

Mini wraps – mixed bean with coriander and cream cheese, houmous and red pepper, roasted vegetables with a yoghurt dressing

Individual tartlets – onion, red peppers, courgette

seasonal fruit kebab

Fresh seasonal fruit kebab

Vegetarian Cold fork buffet



seasonal roasted red pepper, olives, aubergine roasted with garlic, marinated baby beets, sliced mixed peppers, mini tomatoes with pesto

Mixed vegetable spicy jambalaya

Sliced mixed nut loaf served with a spicy tomato sauce

Potato and onion tortilla

Mushroom and pepper frittata

Stuffed vine leaves

Lentil cakes with chilli jam

Classic deep mature cheddar cheese and onion quiche

Vegetable tart with seasonal toppings



Wholewheat pasta with mixed roasted vegetables and halloumi

Mixed beans with wholegrain mustard and olive oil dressing

Broad beans with natural yoghurt

Falafel balls with houmous or yoghurt dip

Dips with crudités – houmous, tzaiki, ‘burnt’ aubergine

Celery, apple, walnut with yoghurt

New potatoes with oil & vinegar dressing or fresh mint

Spinach topped with feta cheese and walnuts

Broccoli and black olive

Grated carrot with mint or white wine vinegar dressing

Cracked wheat and parsley, tomato , cucumber

Greek style salad – white cabbage, tomato, feta cheese, cucumber

Chunky tomato and onion

Various pastas and sauces

Rice noodles with sesame, chilli and spring onion

Stuffed peppers

White beans with garlic, lemon juice and coriander

Sweet red peppers lightly sautéed in virgin olive oil


Vegetarian Hot buffet or sit down menu


Cold starters

Melon with port

Avocado with vinaigrette

Marinated tofu with mushroom

Tomato, mozzarella and basil salad

Butternut squash with balsamic dressing

Marinated beetroot with goats cheese and walnut salad

Anti pasto plate to share

Dips with crudités and bread to share

Polenta slices with tomato and basil sauce

Seasonal tart with mixed salad



Seasonal Soups : squash, pumpkin, English onion, watercress, pea

Slow oven baked mushrooms with garlic

Baked peppers stuffed with rice and tomatoes, topped with feta

Seasonal tart served with side salad

Leek and Cheshire cheese crumble

Mains all served with seasonal vegetables or as stated

Thai green curry – tofu and / or vegetable with rice

Stir fry mixed vegetable with rice noodles

Seasonal vegetable risotto

Nut roast with spicy tomato sauce

Chickpea and spinach curry with rice

Mixed vegetable lasagne

Roasted Butternut squash with goats cheese

5 bean chilli with rice

Mixed bean and sweet potato pie

Roasted penne with mozzarella and eco tomato sauce with pine nuts

Stuffed aubergine slices

Mixed vegetable and mature cheddar pie

Pudding menu all at



Rich chocolate mousse served with orange biscuits

Meringue and Summer berry nests served with natural yoghurt or whipped cream

Apple and blackberry crumble served with Cornish clotted cream

Lemon roulade

Summer vegetable tart

Seasonal Fruits dipped in chocolate

Fresh fruit salad and Cornish clotted cream

Baked Lemon or seasonal fruit cheesecake

Chocolate and cream filled profiteroles

Chocolate and amaretto torte

3 English cheese board served with grapes, biscuits, bread – Example: Cornish Yarg, Somerset brie, Davidstow cheddar